Blinky Bill & Finding Dory


A Set of 2 interesting books for kids, “Blinky Bill” and “Finding Dory”


A Set of 2 interesting books for kids, “Blinky Bill” and “Finding Dory”

Blinky Bill: the Movie is an epic adventure set in the Australian Outback. Blinky’s home town is under threat from a tyrannical goanna (Mayor Cranklepot) and Blinky must find his missing dad to restore peace and harmony to Greenpatch. Blinky enters the world outside Greenpatch and sets off on a rollicking, hilarious journey complete with an eccentric wombat, a vengeful cat, two gossiping Emu’s and Blinky’s soon to be best friends, Nutsy and Jacko.

Ultimate Sticker Collection: Finding Dory is the perfect partner for Disney Pixar’s exciting new sequel to the Academy Award-winning hit movie Finding Nemo.

Dive into the world of Finding Dory with DK’s Ultimate Sticker Collection. Discover cool new characters and locations, and learn about the return of your favorite fishy friends like Dory and Nemo. Features more than 1,000 full-color reusable stickers, including stickers from the Finding Nemo movie, too!


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