My Daily Planner


Organize absolutely everything for a successful life

A step-to-step guide to achieve your goals, increase your productivity, simplify your life and end procrastination.



Not just a diary or a calendar

My Daily Planner is a planner that will transform your life.

From Goal Setting to Goal Getting

Start it any day of the year, better to start today. And the day you start using it, life begins to change for better.

Have you ever questioned why don’t you follow through on your resolutions? This failure is usually attributed to lack of motivation or inconsistency. Experts reveal that this failure is actually due to absence of a system.

Planner is a tool that provides you with a system. This system brings your day right in front of your eyes in one view. It adds clarity by defining what is important and urgent and what is not. It
gives you a sense of what information to consume, delay or avoid. You feel in-charge of the day and work on your tasks with greater focus and energy. Result? You end up with a productive day achieving what you are capable of. It can bring you back to a balanced track of a fulfilling life.

My Daily Planner includes:

  • Master Plan (the comprehensive goals of your life)
  • Yearly Goals (where you want to see yourself in a year)
  • Action Plan (to achieve your yearly goals)
  • Weekly Overview (small steps count)
  • Daily Planner (organize your every day)

Key Elements:

  • Quotes to keep you motivated
  • Must do today
  • Others to do
  • Not to do list (things to avoid)
  • Habits
  • Daily biggest achievement
  • Daily achievement percentile
  • Notes

This is where the action starts. Today is where you put all your planning to action. Daily planner can be challenging because it requires you to make the plan and execute it on a daily basis. However, if you can maintain a routine of making your daily plan and act on it consistently, soon you will be able to discipline yourself in the direction of your cherished goals.


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